There is a marvelous history behind enamel badges and it would be nice to become a collector

If during your adult life, you have not ever been a collector, you may be a hoarder, and you may not even be aware of it. Take a trip up into your attic and you could end up taking a trip down memory lane, all the way back to your childhood years. It is in those years that you may have been a collector of note. A special collection of children’s books or comics are stilled stored away carefully in a cardboard box. You brush the dust off of its covers, see the titles, and remember the stories.

True life stories abound too for you. Even more so if you were a collector of marbles, spinning tops and, heck, even bottle tops. These are to remind you of your victories and your losses. And then there were those enamel badges, perhaps not too many, because perhaps you never won too many races at the annual school sports galas. Or perhaps there were no such badges at all, only tattered, torn and worn ribbons to celebrate a mere second or third place.

But as a great man once said, it is not the winning of a race that is important, but rather the taking part in it that makes all the difference. So, perhaps those old ribbons were to celebrate the mere fact that you were part of a team. And it is good that you held on to those memories. Honestly folks, what good is it to leave all those memories holed up in a dusty attic or damp basement. Why not bring them all down and share them with your loved ones. Pick out those artifacts that matter the most and how about embalming them in a glass case, to be preserved for all eternity.

Unless of course, some clumsy clot with a nose far too nosy for its own good, bumps and stomps the glass case to smithereens. It was an accident, honest it was. Strong and sturdy metal and steel enamel badges don’t break that easily. Just a gentle nudge into your chest to compliment the fact that you are wearing this badge might necessitate the need for a little polishing up over there. You’ll want to keep your badge shining, proudly as can be.

enamel badges

You usually see the old folks, those that have entered the laps known typically as the golden years, proudly wear these badges. They are happy to have fond recollections. They are pleased as a button to remember all those years back. Smart alecks might prefer to call these badges the old Noddy badges. Now, don’t you smirk and scoff, you’ll get old too someday. And in the meantime, you’ll always have occasion to reward someone in your life or enterprise that has risen to the occasion with a smart and gleaming enamel badge.

You can design them yourself or you can call on an artistic talisman to do it all for you instead.