What is the Drain Tile?

If there is water buildup or moisture in your basement, a drain tile is an important addition that can remove this issue and help you regain complete usage of your basement. It is one of the most practical solutions to moisture in the basement and one that homeowners turn to in the time of need. What is the drain tile and how does it work to provide such amazing results?

This very important drainage fixture has been in usage in the plumbing system since 1938. Yes, for over 2000 years, these tiles have helped drain water and moisture from homes. They were originally used in farm drainage systems and received a rename to a French drain. The tiles are used for irrigation systems, yard drainage, and around footing and around foundation.

The tile comes in an array of sizes and shapes with many pipe materials to choose from. It is perforated that allows an easy point of entry. Most of the tiles are found or cylinder in shape and range from about 2-inches in diameter to those as large as 18″ in diameter. The standard size for the tile, however, is the 4-inch size.  There are also drain systems in square or other shapes.

If there is not already a drain in the basement, it is important to contact a professional to make this addition. The sooner the tile is installed, the better, since it works hard to prevent water seeping into the foundation so you are not losing out on any of the space inside your home. The presence of the tile also reduces the risk of mold and mildew growth. Mold and mildew breed in moist, wet environments and can spread quickly throughout the home. It oftentimes grows inside of the walls, where its damages lurk unknown to you.

drain tile repair

Once the tile is installed, expect it to keep you protected for a long time ahead. The tile is built tough and designed to provide valuable protection that prolongs the life of your home and the usability of your house.  There is risk once wear and tear erupts, just like there is with any other appliance or fixture in the home. When this happens, a quick drain tile repair is all that it takes to get the system back to great condition again. Costs of drain tile repair vary, though is reasonable by all accounts.